Could the distinctive power-ups function as aid on the way! In this game you'll be racing against the computer in randomly generated mazes, and your aim is to get to the yellow food until the computer does. At every level of this game you'll command a red ladybug, whereas the pc is going to be symbolized with a green bug. Use the four arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move the insect, and also you are able to grab the specific things in the maze and then utilize them to your benefit. The forces of these items are as follows: the crimson wing increases the shifting rate of your ladybug, the green tortoise will slow down your competition, the blue arrow will show the right path to achieve the food, along with also the yellow hammer will permit you to break portion of the wall by simply pressing the Spacebar on your computer. As you progress in the game, the computer will proceed at a quicker speed, and if it requires the food until you perform, the game finishes. Use the power-ups sensibly and assist your ladybug to make it to the target!