50 50 Hairstyles

The sexy summer holiday is here and fairly Lisa is really excited about it! Her mother gave her the consent to dye her hair as she needs and she developed this wonderful idea of opting to get a 50/50 hairstyle that summer. Meaning she is likely to use one fearless shade to colour the hair locks on her left side and a different one for the ideal side. How cool is Lisa's thought, women? Now in the event that you would like to be part of the remarkable transformation, then you need to hurry up and join in receiving the 50/50 Hairstyles game began'cause she is only getting ready to wash her stunning hair locks. Give her a valuable helping hand on this significant step of this hair styling procedure, use the hairdryer to wash her hair cubes, then cut on the dull strategies and design them into a few loose or perfect curls. Fantastic job, girls! Now this is where the fun really starts! You are going to need to pick the two colors that you would like to use to dye Lisa's hair cubes, to prepare them then to carefully colour her hair. Fantastic job! You are able to certainly do her make up appearance, dress her up and accessorize her trendy new look with amazing hair-pins and glistening earrings. Have a excellent time enjoying our pleasure 50/50 Hairstyle match for women!