21 Blitz is a tactical card game that shares a number of the principles of Black Jack. But unlike at the slow Happy Black Jack that the purpose is to add the cards up 21 as speedily as possible from the 4 slots whilst needing to finish 2 decks of cards. Think carefully about the cards that you use along with the cards that you garbage, before you know it you may end up running out of choices. It feels like a very simple job but can you believe ahead and remember which cards have already been played?
Combine the cards in each slot to 21. Get more things by creating 21 with only two cards (Black Jack) or purchase 21 Blitz by mixing 5 cards to 21! ) The amount of each slot isn't permitted to exceed 21. If all slots are filled and you can't set the card everywhere you then need to lose this card or utilize the joker instead. You get just one Joker per deck to perform with. The joker unites any slot into 21! Use it to eliminate the tough stacks or any time you're stuck.

Combine the cards in each slot to 21. Get more points by making 21 with just 2 cards (Black Jack) or get 21 Blitz by combining 5 cards to 21!The sum of each slot is not allowed to exceed 21. If all slots are full and you cannot place the drawn card anywhere you then have to discard this card or use the joker instead.You get one Joker per deck to play. The joker combines any slot to 21! Use it to get rid of the hard stacks or when you are stuck.