1Quest is a roguelike, in which you control a young adventurer who pursues a wicked blood cult, once they abducts many children, for example, princess of this kingdom!You obtained seven days until he could begin his wicked ritual to summon an ancient demon by the sacrifice of these kids. Each area of the realm includes some hazardous location where you could discover various assistance and you'll be able to pick your own path to pick your rewards. But don't eliminate time, even if you would like to save all of the kids …Fight monsters, grab loot, become stronger and rescue the kids to protect against the blood cult to ditch the demon.Key attributes:- Turn based RPG - Roguelike: Passing is enjoyable! - 5 races - 18 Differents courses - greater than 150 class skills and spells for figures - greater than 100 creatures - 20 Differents dungeons with particular rewards - Magic program predicated on spell colleges and magical affinity for diversity and replayability
arrow keys / / numpad: move the heroF1-F10, 1-0: utilize activity. You can use the key two to enroll the actions as the default oneA: automobile AttackE: automobile Explore5/R: remainder / wait for a turnZ: choose stairsSpace: pickup itemsP: PotionsB: Permanent Buffs

arrow keys / numpad : move the heroF1-F10, 1-0 : use action. You can use the key twice to register the action as the new default oneA : auto AttackE : auto Explore5/R : rest / wait a turnZ : take stairsSpace : pickup itemsP : PotionsB : Permanent Buffs